Listbox.rowpicture and retina display

Will the listbox display a 2x image used as a .rowpicture properly on a retina display? I assume yes, but I don’t have a retina display and I wanted to check this before putting in the work to make the higher resolution picture. Thanks.

  1. Get a 3rd party app called “QuickRes”, it enables virtual HiDPI resolutions for testing and makes it easy to swap between resolutions.

  2. Just do the drawing yourself in the CellTextPaint event.

nope - you need to do the drawing in the CellTextPaint event, for everything else take a look at . The full source code to Retina Kit is included in this years

You might be able to do the trick via CellBackgroundPaint() event - draw on g As Graphics as you would with usual Retina-compatible canvas (check examples included with Xojo).

Yes, thanks all. Looks like CellTextPaint is the way to go.