Listbox Problems with my cell update

I’m having issues updating the cells for my Listbox for my language learning app.
(I’m also posting a separate issue with Selected, CellBackGroundPaint and CellTextPaint and the images are the same)
My listbox is comprised of “should be single character” cells and the window is called Spelling, since that is it’s function. The only cells which are NOT readonly are the ones with appropriate data. Some data is readonly, like ( ) parentheses and , commas. This is the particular datum: ??? File Row Properties
It starts off with a “¿” character and these characters are maintained in an array called “RfrshWord(i)”.
??? Spelling Pre GiveUp
This part, called by the Next Button, works correctly, except for the graphics part which is a separate post.

Lately I have had problems with this window. I cannot always predict that the cells have accepted their 2nd assignments. I have tested for several days and I don’t know what is going on.
The method which is giving me a problem is one I call SplGiveUp(), which first copies the correct character(s) into a String array RfrshWord(i), and then places the correct characters in the appropriate cell. The characters come from a personal dictionary. This is what I end up with: ??? Spelling blank Post Give Up

The assignment looks like this:

HubWordList.Cell(i, j) = RfrshWord(k)

I have watched assignments not take or disappear. They revert to the “¿” for definitely the first cell of the Listbox. The second cell, and remaining ones do have the correct assignment. You can’t see it, but it’s there. Sorry
The problem of not displaying is in another post Listbox Problems with Selected, CellBackGroundPaint and CellTextPaint

What happens if you do that:
HubWordList.Cell(i, j) = “RfrshWord(k)” // Yes, between quotes…

Paints events occured when… an Event is fired… to check that, select a Row before one that is meant to be colored changed, then MouseDown many times to activate a Paint Event and what do you see ?

I am going to start over with the window. It used to work, but now it doesn’t.
Build it as a separate project first, then integrate it.