ListBox - open new window from a cell & return to that cell when window closes

I Need advice. I have a list box & based on the content entered into a cell I want to open a new window which will contain a selector (probably in the form of a list box) when the user selects an item or clicks a button I want the window to close, return some data & most importantly return the user to the original cell.

So in simple terms enter something in a cell, pop up a window, select item, return back to that cell with data from the item selected.

I have looked at the ListBox example with the popup but this won’t doit for me as my popup will be populated in realtime from a database & may have to handle hundreds or indeed thousands of entries with multiple columns.

Add a module,
Store the Cell contents and location (Roc/Column) in the module
Open the other window
Do what you have to do there
Store the changes in the module
Close that window / select the original Cell,
Set the original Cell in Edit mode
Paste the new Contents


Yes, easy in step instructions.

Yes thats the way I’ve been doing it but whats happening is that the list box gets focus not the cell - I must have a bug somewhere.