ListBox One Click


How i make to Works i single click on list box.

i am using CellClick but it get the incorrect value.


i have two row with value
row 1 =“test”
row 2=“test 02”

when i click on the row2 it get the value of the row 1 way

Use the Changed event. CellClick happens before the highlighted row changes (so you can choose to ignore the click by returning True).

The first row is row 0, the second is row 1, etc


In the Changed event, how can you know there was a click ?

Just wondering (as a noob) out of interest how changing rows with the up/down keys rather than the mouse would differ here. I assume using the keyboard would trigger Change but not CellClick, yes?

There is no way through the keyboard to trigger a mouse action.

You don’t. And depending on the OP’s needs, it may or may not matter.

Dim sMoveItems as String

i use this with 10 row only and it works file.

this work for me like choice menu