Listbox not highlighting row

Hi everyone.
I have a listbox that is being populated from a database based on a few conditions. The listbox is on a page panel as well. When I test my program the list box populates as I need it to but when the user clicks on the cell/row that they desire it is not highlighting, so the user will not be able to confirm which row they have selected. The mouse click selection is working because I am able to use there choice on the next page panel. Please correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the listbox by default have a row highlight selection active in it or am i completely overlooking something. Thanks in advance.

did you override the CELLBACKGROUNDPAINT or CELLTEXTPAINT events?

No sir, the only event that i am using is a cell click event to determine the one selected and passing the row tag to a property that uses it to look up information on another table for the next panel.

in order to automagically highlight a cell/row, CELLCLICK must return FALSE

You are the best, thank you, I was returning true.

aw gee whiz… :smiley: