Listbox mousewheel event


I have embedded a container control (with a listbox control on it) into a canvas and set the mousewheel event to scroll that canvas. But when the mouse enters the listbox from a containercontrol it takes over the mousewheel event and the canvas stops scrolling.

how can I prevent taking over the mouse wheel event from a list box?

forward the LB wheel event to the container… and container control should be the delegate for all the required events for all embedded controls…

thanks, Dave.

with forwarding you mean pass the delta values from the wheel event to the container control or raiseEvent?

i got it working by calling the same method in the listbox mousewheel event (on the container control) as i did in the main mousewheel event… don’t know if it’s the definitive right way, but it works… then canvas scrolls even if i am on a listbox control.