ListBox memory leak on Windows

[quote=248419:@Xavier Lambrecht]I have the exact same problem with 2015R4.
It happens for both 32 and 64 bits apps on Windows.
A small empty app as described by Angelo is about 5 MB at launch.
Resize the window a few times and the app allocated memory is now 500 MB.
If you continue, you easily reach 2GB… and the add does absolutely nothing.
At that point, it is not a leak but a flood.

I tried with 2015R3.1 and the leak does not happen (very fortunately).
But I have the feeling that this is not the only leak source.
With 2015R4, opening multiple windows and closing them was adding many 10s of MB to the used memory of the app.
The last release of Xojo needs massive fixes on memory management.[/quote]

2015r4.1 fixed this for me

Please Xavier, test with 2015R4.1 and let us know.

2015R4.1 works, indeed.
I do not see any of the previous leaks.