listbox.listindex and listbox.selected

writing something like listbox1.listindex = 5, a listbox.change event is fired, as expected.
Is it the expected behavior that listbox1.selected(5) = true too should fire the change event?
Actually I’d expect that listbox1.selected(5) = true should NOT trigger the change event.
It seems to me that the documentation for “selected” is not very clear about it.
So, is there a way to select a row without firing the change event?
At present I use a boolean property (mFire):

mFire = false
listbox1.selected(5) = true
mFire = true

and in the change event:
if mFire = false then
end if
//do something


You’re changing the selection, of course the Changed event should fire.
As jean-paul said, if you need to ignore the changed event you will need to use your own means (either subclass, or a boolean system of sorts)

OK. Thanks.