The docs says:

ListColumn Class (inherits from Object)

Used to refer to a particular column in a ListBox via its Column property.[/code]

Am I able to change the Column width of a specific column usint it ?
(without re building by myself the ColumnWidths string ?)

Also, since I do not really understand what I can do with it, … what other thing(s) can I do with ListBox1.ListColumn([i]i[/i]) ?

Here’s the doc for it.

Be sure to read more than just the examples section.

Hi Tim, thanks for the reply.

I rephrase the question with two examples:

a. can I copy a whole Column([i]i[/i]) using .ListColumn ?
b. can I make a replace all in the Cells of one Column using .ListColumn ?
(column data manipulation)

Actually, using a Contextual Menu, I am able to Copy / Paste / Clear the clicked Column contents using a loop. That is what I had in mind when I was looking at this page yesterday.

What I understand, reading that page, .ListColumn deals with the column(s) width.

a., b. No.

ListColumn does not give you access to the contents, only the properties. Use -1 for the Row value in Listbox.Cell() to access all the contents of the column.