ListBox: it loose the focus after a Cell edit


On OS X, after an Edit Cell in Column(1) , I loose the Focus. On Windows, I keep it and I am able to edit the next Cell in the Next Row…

What’s wrong ? Or more precisely, how can I keep the focus after an Edit Cell ?

I get the focus back with a Tab key press, but it is unsupportable (very boring) to do that for more than a few number of Rows.

I reported this as a bug in Nov. 2012, so far no fix is available. The Feedback bug report is #23345.

In ListBox.CellLostFocus put:

When you edit a cell there is a text area or text field that gets created to do the editing (hence the active cell)
You can check for this
If you’re using the LostFocus event and return immediately if there is an active cell

Works fine: thank you Karen !