Listbox: Is there’s a limit to store text in a Cell ?

I was in idiot mode yesterday and stored a summary of what description a Row is…
(Each Row is about a subject, and have at the rightmost columns a Comments and Summary columns).

I pasted a text (with some returns: 1447 Characters and 8 Returns), go to the next row, etc.

Now, I have to add more information and once I loaded the file, I noticed (on the first rows) that I have empty Rows, and some more rows with text that comes from Row 1, Column “Summary”.

Thus my question: is there’s a limit to store text in a Cell ?


a. in another project, I store three lines (a short address) in two Cells of the same Row.
b. the Cell from Row(0) stops just before the ending dot / the first Return: (58 chars),
c. There is 14,398 Rows (now, and counting wrong Rows: there was a Row split into more Rows at todays load)
d. Application created using Xojo 2015r1
e. OS X 10.11.06 running (Virtual Memory on)
f. Running applications: Firefox (downloading), Safari (downloading), TextEdit, Easy Displayer (Xojo 2015r1) and The Atomic (REALbasic or Real Studio 2009r4)
g. Internet activated
h. OK: I get a shema:

Each couple of “last character” + Return is removed from the Cell
Each “first character” of a line is removed from the Cell
A single line (empty) is displayed in its own Cell.

The data comes from a csv file generated by this application
I run the stand alone,
Each Row is divided as fields (standard CSV), surrounded by a quote, uses a comma as field separator, no special treatment is done if the field holds a ".

At least: I suffer from all kinds of plagues these last months while developping this project.

Stupid me !

Re-reading the csv (loaded in TextEdit) leads me to the reason why: I load the csv file with a TextInputStream / in the other project, I load the text from a SQLite db file !

TextInputStream.ReadLine… reads one line of text, not a Cell with delimiter from a csv file !

6 hours after I awake I still have fog of sleep in my eyes / brain :slight_smile:

On the other hand, I searched the reason why I’m in trouble !

I hope for sure, there is a limit :slight_smile:

Thanks Sasha, there certainly is one :-:slight_smile:

Its just a string so you could put as much data in there as a string can hold