ListBox in Console App

I am trying to return a count of specified values utilizing the SelectSQL function. I have a MySQL server running in the Ubuntu terminal and wish to return query results using a Xojo console app. The sample code online lead me to the following code.

'Connect to MySQL Database
Var mDb As New MySQLCommunityServer
Var rowsFound As RowSet

mDb.Host = “ip address of host”
mDb.Port = 3306
mDb.DatabaseName = “database_Name”
mDb.UserName = “username”
mDb.Password = “password”

Catch error As DatabaseException
MsgBox ("Connection failed. Error: " + error.Message)
End Try

Lotnum = args(1) //value pulled directly from the terminal

'battery voltage or board serial number doesn’t exist
rowsFound = mDb.SelectSQL("SELECT * FROM ? WHERE ? OR ? IS NULL ", Lotnum, batt_v, brd_serial_number)
For Each row As DatabaseRow In rowsFound
Catch error As DatabaseException
MsgBox("Error: " + error.Message)
End Try

The online documentation for ListBox doesn’t explain if it can be used within a console app. I don’t see it as a super option which can be added.

Can Listbox be used in a console app? If so, where can I find it to add?
If not, is there a better or more feasible way to store the results from my SQL query? I need to access them later on.

No, a Console app does not have Listbox (or any UI related element).

Yes, you could create a storage system that works best for you. That may be classes, dictionaries, arrays, whatever you like! The UI really should just be for presenting the user information, but Xojo makes it handy to also store data there for reference.