Not a bug per se, just an interface wrong information…

When add the HeaderPressed Event and put code in it, even if you place a Return True (per the event documentation, the user report icon that shows a Sort have been done (and the order) is displayed.

Sometimes ago, I put the code below to allow the icon removal:

gLB.SortedColumn = -1 gLB.HasHeading = False gLB.HasHeading = True

This time I do not put it in the window that holds the ListBox, but in another window, in the close event (so, click in the close button of the Window, Close PushButton and OK PushButton).

Reporting this here gets no action you know. If you think the behavior is incorrect, file a bug report or feature request.

Thank you Greg,

Will do as soon as I get the computer control back.

One of my problems doing Feedback reports is to not be sure if this is a bug.


41338 - Return True in ListBox.HeaderPressed leaves a Sort icon

(the computer is still slow, very slow… but I was able to write the Feedback report).

At last, it’s another I dislike: Not a bug; use:

Me.HeaderType(index) = Listbox.HeaderTypes.NotSortable
Me.HeaderType(index) = Listbox.HeaderTypes.Sortable

Thanks again Greg.