ListBox Header Bug, Feedback Case

Hi…a while back, I found an oddity when I compiled my program with the latest 2015r1 (and one or two prior) Xojo releases. At the moment, I’m running the latest Mac OS 10.10. The problem was that if I specified the font and size for the lines in a ListBox, the specification would NOT work on the Header line (it would on other non-header lines.) I hadn’t changed my code so I guessed this was a relatively new Xojo bug. (just a guess)

It was suggested to me that I create a Feedback case. I did. Good suggestion. See Feedback Case#: 38217

If you want to see the problem yourself, just create a new Mac Desktop project, add a ListBox to the Window, and add a ListBox Open event with the following code lines…

Me.HasHeading = True

Me.TextFont = “Arial”
Me.TextSize = 18

Me.Heading(0) = “My Header”

The result I found was that the Header did NOT show the customized font and size, but the other lines did.

As a result of my Feedback, someone (Thanks Norman!) looked at this problem, changed the Status of the Feedback Case from Needs Review to Reviewed. He also seemed to verify that he could duplicate my problem (included a screenshot), but that the problem was Mac OS 10.10 specific. (I don’t have other earlier OS’s with which to test, but I’ll take his word for it.)

Anyway, my question is…what does this all mean? Does REVIEWED just mean it was looked at, but nothing else? The Rank is listed as NOT RANKED. Is this a bug in Xojo that will be fixed? Is this a bug in OS 10.10 that Xojo can’t do anything about and I must wait for Apple to fix? Is this still under investigation? I’m delighted I was able to alert the community (and Xojo powers-that-be in particular) about the problem, but I’m not sure what I can expect next, or from whom? (hopefully, a fix??)


Reviewed means someone has looked it over - in this case me.
It’s not necessarily assigned to an engineer to get fixed.
That is a result of how many people it affects, how it manifests itself (ie crashes in the IDE, apps that crash, etc) & does it have a workaround.

I am happy that Feedback is not my todo-list. >_<

[quote=175136:@Norman Palardy]Reviewed means someone has looked it over - in this case me.
It’s not necessarily assigned to an engineer to get fixed.
That is a result of how many people it affects, how it manifests itself (ie crashes in the IDE, apps that crash, etc) & does it have a workaround.[/quote]

Thanks Norman for the fast reply. Is there a work-around for this problem? Is there another way of setting the font and size for a ListBox Header? If so, I’d love to know, it seems the specification is just ignored when it comes to the Header line. (This bug might not crash an app, but when you’re looking to specify a fixed-width font and you suddenly can’t, that’s not really great. I hope you will decide to re-review it! Thanks.)

I dont know of a workaround
And so far you’re the only person reporting it
That doesn’t mean it is or is not a bug
That I actually don’t know as the listbox C++ code is something I’m not intimate with
One of the people who can / could tell is away this week
The other busy with 64 bit which is far higher priority

In a Windows project, the heading uses the same font as the rest of the listbox.

On Mac, it seems to be a Xojo thing. RS 2012R1.2 shows the same font in the heading.

As a workaround, I tried placing a canvas over the heading. If you put a space as text in the heading, you can draw it into the canvas, and I verified the canvas does not prevent the HeaderPressed event from taking place.

You can even use the canvas to obtain a heading with a different color.

Thanks Norman. (Thanks Michel too, not sure why you’re going so far back as to bring up 2012R1.2, but I also know that this problem was never a problem until recent versions of Xojo though Norman bringing up that this is an OS 10.10 thing makes me think he’s testing this problem with more OS’s than I did. I just can say for sure that running OS 10.10 with latest Xojo 2015r1, I can’t specify the font and size for a ListBox Header.)

Anyway, to me, NOT having the ability to change the font and size in the header of a ListBox is a real game changer. Norman, PLEASE (please, please), mention this to the worker at Xojo who IS familiar with the code for the ListBox when he returns as you mentioned. I know our priorities are VERY different, but this looks to me like a simple fix on your end. (I know, you might have heard this before!) I can’t see Xojo’s code of course, but it looks simply like the font and size specification aren’t taken into account when it comes to drawing the header and a default font and size is used instead. This bug might be just an oversight that can be corrected very quickly. I sure hope so. THANKS!

I just hapened to have it on my disk so I tested just to make sure. My point was less that than to try and provide a workaround, which I did. You may want to look into it pending a fix. At the soonest, it does not look like it could be before 2015R3, which puts it about 3rd quarter. If you are lucky. The canvas workaround will no doubt be much faster.

Understood. Thanks Michel.

A while back I created a ListBoxHeader class, that attaches to a standard listbox, and allows you to customize the “header” anyway you like… search this forum and you will find a link to it

I’ll look for it, thanks Dave.

Fixed for a future release

That’s absolutely awesome! THANK YOU NORMAN! And, thanks again to others offering possible workarounds too.

It probably won’t be in the very next release but something after that

I’m just glad the problem has been verified, found and fixed. Thanks again for not putting it on the back burner.

I was feeling kind of burned out and wanted something “light” to poke at
I had the case report open & thought how hard could it be ?
Well … its in the listbox which is an enormous pile of code - probably the single biggest component in the framework by far.
And not being familiar with the code I had to bug joe to get steered in the right direction but … well … there you are :slight_smile:

I love it. Glad it qualified as “light” work to find and fix. Thanks again Norman and Joe.

“Listbox” and “light” don’t usually go together - this time they did :slight_smile:

And yes - thanks joe
Guys a machine and it will be fun to see what he’s been working on once we hit the conference :slight_smile:

Can’t find it Dave. Do you have a link?

I haven’t played with it yet, but I think I did find what Dave mentioned (thanks!). Try this page…

…then search for the word “zip”.