ListBox example


I have tried to populate a Listbox, but I cannot find documentation that explains how to do it. It might be because I haven’t looked the right place, so I would appreciate an advice to where i can find an example.

For the sake of simplicity, my example is just a row of names that i want to put in the Listbox.

“Peter”,“Paul”, “Mary”, “John”, “George”, “Paul”,“Richard”

I am completly stuck so any advice where I can find an example showing this is much appreciated.

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Kristian Nielsen, Copenhagen

listboxInstance.AddRow( "Peter","Paul", "Mary", "John", "George", "Paul","Richard" )

For more complex delivery…

lbInstance.AddRow( "Peter" ) dim li as Integer = lbInstance.LastIndex lbInstance.Cell( li, 1 ) = "Paul" lbInstance.Cell( li, 2 ) = "Mary"

And so on.

it is clearly shown in not only the documents, but in various example programs that came with Xojo

To access those examples, if on Windows, you’re looking in…

Windows: C:\\Program Files\\Xojo\\Xojo 2017r3\\Example Projects
macOS: /Applications/Xojo 2017 Release 3/Example Projects/

Thank you! I’ll move on from there. As clear it may seem, it is apparently not clear to me :slight_smile:

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In the interest of completeness, the ListBox specific examples are under Example Projects\Desktop\Controls\ListBox

Thank you, Anthony! Much appreciated!

Thanks again - I have now worked my way through the example and webinar of the Xojo Notes app and a lot of things fell into place :slight_smile:

I’ll be back!