ListBox.DragReorderRows Row not staying

If I drag a row to the new location, it doesn’t stay at the new location.
The LR doesn’t mention I have to do something else.
What do I need to do?

You are returning False from this event handler?

Should have added that as that is first question.
Nope. Return True.
I do have code, but it’s totally for outside of the listbox rows.

I have a backup and that gets re-ordered.
I also change the row tags to match.
I double checked and not that. I commented out all of the code except Return True

I get the line for drag, drop it and it hasn’t changed.

Are you using Non-Hierarchical ListBoxes? row reordering is done for you if you Return False.
Are you using Hierarchical ListBoxes? you are responsible for writing the code for reordering the rows and you should Return True

I will never understand the logic of Return.

Not hierarchical.

Return False.