Listbox: dragreorder stops working when checkbox is added

running OS 10.11
xojo 1.1

after adding this code
me.CellType(r, c) = listbox.TypeCheckbox

the dragorder stops working

please advise.

if me do this in the listbox open event for a test
me.CellTypeAt(0,0) = Listbox.CellTypes.CheckBox
set AllowRowReordering to true in the designer at behavior.

i can still reorder rows by mouse, at least at Windows 10 with Xojo 2021r1.1


Hi. so Mac xojo 1.1 does not have CellTypeAt - only CellType.

in designer ? at behavior ? not sure where that is ?


This item was deprecated in version 2019r2.
Please use ListBox.CellTypeAt as a replacement.

i meant the form designer / the layout editor in the ide.

you have a ide before 2021? u just wrote 1.1

I have Mac 2019 1.1
here is the IDE… don’t see AllowRowReordering

Here it is:

The other name is the new name of API 2. I really wish Xojo would order the properties alphabetically. That the order changes sometimes doesn’t help either.


so ok, i have the EnableDragOrder turned on.
but still if there is a checklist in the row, the row will not move and change position