Listbox Drag - Reference to Object

I’ve done this in a number of ways, and I always think I’m missing something obvious.

If I have a listbox with rows that reference objects. Let’s say I put them in the row tag.
I want to be able to drag these to another window (list or just the window) and get the object on the other end.
Since a drag item can’t contain an object what I’ve done in the past is to create a reference to what is being dragged, like in my own private clipboard array, and on drop, I try to cross reference the items from text in the drag, or simply from the fact that something was dragged to assume all my private clipboard is that object.

Is there a better way? Something more standard?
I’d love it if I could just pop a variant into a drag item.

i faced also that dragitem not support a obj memory.
but it is easy to add a global drag object property or drag object list property.
so before you start the drag put it in there and at drop you use this property.

i will make a feature request
60601 - DragItem with object data

when I create a dragitem, with its picture, I then add a new item to it : dragitem.additem
then you can add a rawdata of any string type. it’s easy to store there any reference to another object of your app.

@Jean-Yves Pochez , that is pretty much exactly what I do today. I’m ok with doing it.Just wasn’t sure if there were better practices.