Listbox drag drop reorder solutions?

I’ve read probably most of the threads on this topic but would like to hear people’s current solutions including any third party tools or plugins that go beyond the apparent limitations of Xojos own weblistbox.

Specifically I need to drag from listbox1 to listbox2 and subsequently reorder listbox2 items.

My desktop prototype makes extensive use of both row and cell tags to hold custom classes tied to my database via Argen. These tags are also used in expand and collapse row in hierarchal list boxes which seems might not be possible on a web app.

So what solutions are considered best practices today to implement events similar to desktop drag/ reorder row and expand / collapse row?

I’ve got that working in a desktop app with hierarchical list boxes - but not a web app. I’ve experimented with a web interface but am finding it too limited at the moment, it appears XoJo has some distance to go before its useful for me.

Thank you for taking the time to answer even though you haven’t got the solution. I was heading towards the same conclusion, but wanted feedback just like yours to double check my own suspicions.

Hopefully this is something Xojo can solve in the not to distant future.

Much mulling and pondering has helped me realize my goal is not drag and drop for its own sake, but rather the goal is getting data from listbox1 to listbox2 and I can do this with a button. Should be accesible to users that way as quite a lot of web forms do that.

To reorder rows in listbox2 I’ll use an up/down arrow canvas or button combo.

Still thinking about how best to solve the expand and collapse row challenge- and welcome any ideas or input there.

Seems it would be nice to get a “Html menu” type of list box running where the sub menus would be hidden or shown depending on the item clicked. CSS can do a lot for hierarchal menus, and I’ll explore how to achieve something similar in Xojo web. But I suspect this might not be straightforward.