Listbox.doubleclick no longer working (Linux desktop)

I’m trying the latest version 2021 021 and suddenly realize that doubleclick for listboxes is no longer working in my application. It worked and works fine up until version 2019 03. Does anyone have an idea? Or is it a know bug? Thank you.

Restart the computer? Xojo likes to play silly buggers (here it stopped accepting keyboard shortcuts today), especially when it has run a long time …

It is a known bug.


Is this something that will be fixed some time soonish, or should I just revert back to the older 2019 version?

It is marked as fixed in the feedback, so it should be in the next release.

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It was fixed back in June (nearly 4 months ago). It is still not verified.

Might have dropped of the radar of whoever was supposed to verify it. Better don’t bet your house on it being in the next version …

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How do I find out if it will be updated by next release?

You don’t …