ListBox Double Click firing DragRow instead of DoubleClick

I’m tracking an issue that has cropped up in one of my apps since moving to 2020r1 (still happening in 2020r2.1).

I have now limited the DragRow and DoubleClick events to simply log that they have been entered.

When I DoubleClick on a row, the DragRow fires, but the DoubleClick does not. I do Return True in the DragRow event. This same code works properly on macOS and Windows for the same project.

Anyone else? Ideas?

More input - With the DragRow event added to the ListBox - ANY Mouse click causes the DragRow event to fire.

It only occurs when you have allow drag enabled for the listbox.

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Feedback report filed with example:


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Ouch! That should definitely never have happened. Quality Control?

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