ListBox Double Click firing DragRow instead of DoubleClick

I’m tracking an issue that has cropped up in one of my apps since moving to 2020r1 (still happening in 2020r2.1).

I have now limited the DragRow and DoubleClick events to simply log that they have been entered.

When I DoubleClick on a row, the DragRow fires, but the DoubleClick does not. I do Return True in the DragRow event. This same code works properly on macOS and Windows for the same project.

Anyone else? Ideas?

More input - With the DragRow event added to the ListBox - ANY Mouse click causes the DragRow event to fire.

It only occurs when you have allow drag enabled for the listbox.

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Feedback report filed with example:



Ouch! That should definitely never have happened. Quality Control?


How is it possible that this bug has still not been fixed?

This is a big bug, my project no longer works correctly.

This is one of the reasons that make me hesitate, each time, to renew my Xojo license. New versions fix some bugs and add others. It’s stressful never knowing if a project will work fine with a new version.

I use my project in professional environment and it happened several times to urgently recompile with a later version of Xojo because of new bugs.


I’m not seeing this problem using 2021r1. I’ve just tested with a Mint 20.1 VM, and a (real hardware) Raspberry Pi. I could drag/drop and double-click without a problem in a listbox.

Note: I don’t use the click event in this Listbox.

This case has been confirmed by Xojo Team and marked as reproductible.

The test case seems to use the click event. As I said, I don’t use it and don’t have the problem. The OP didn’t mention using click.

Reproducible does not mean that it’s a bug, it only means that our testers have been able to reproduce the behavior using the information supplied by the case creator.

It’s a bug.

It is definitely a bug because this does not occur with the same code on 2019 editions, only from 2020R1.

Well, there are tons of those…

Dont renew just for the novelty. Compiling in a new version coul had pretty nasty surprizes, like JSON not working on the latest one. So, NEVER ship a product compiled with a new release. Based on that, you can wait a few months to be safe, there is no point on having a “always” up to date license

It could be just treated as a By design change :neutral_face:

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