Listbox CSV Mac Win lineendings


I have a problem with Line Endings in a CSV File which i export out of a Python Webbapp.
I want to import this File into a listbox but ithink the problem are the diffrent Lineendings in Windows and MacOS.

In this Picture is it like i want it.

and in Windows 10 it looks like.

The upper part is the Listbox and in the lower part i load the csv into a textarea.

To remove the “wrong” linebreaks i use a simple:

Dim result As String
result = ReplaceAll(TextArea1.Text, chr(10), " ")

then i remove the quotes and fill the listbox

result = ReplaceAll(result, chr(34),"")

the code for the listbox is from the examples therefore i am not showing.

Has anybody an idea how i can reach the same result from the mac version in the win version?


sorry i posted the pictures in the wrong order. Upper is win and lower is mac. of any use to you?

Go here
Grab the “csv parser” and it will save you a pile of headaches dealing with CSV files

Use ReplaceLineEndings to adjust the line endings to the current platform.

Full disclosure: I use Norman’s plugin to deal with CSV files.