ListBox CellType does not seem to override ColumnType

At it is stated :

[quote]The values of CellType > 0 (Default) override ColumnType. For example, if ColumnType is 2, but a cell in the column has CellType set to 1, the cell will be normal.

As I understand it, if I set a column as CheckBox and then set a cell in that column to Normal, it should override the columntype and make the cell Normal, right ?

Then why is this not doing anything ? Cell 1,3 remains checkbox.

ListBox1.ColumnType(1) = Listbox.TypeCheckbox ListBox1.CellType(1,3) = ListBox.TypeNormal

This should make a checkbox of cell 0,3, does not do anything either. No error, nothing.

for i as integer = 0 to 10 me.addrow(str(i)) next ListBox1.CellType(0,3) = ListBox.TypeCheckbox

The example of the LR does not work any better.

Is this normal ?

row is the first index, column is the second. Try:

ListBox1.ColumnType(1) = Listbox.TypeCheckbox
ListBox1.CellType(3, 1) = ListBox.TypeNormal

I must have been real tired. Thank you Merv.