ListBox.CellClick question

Hello all,

I have created a simple test app with a Listbox and TextArea. Listbox is named “List_Items”.

What I am trying to achieve is when I click on the first row. the Textarea1.text should say “Test 0” and if I click on row 2, the Textarea1.text should read “Test 1”.

But when I click on the first row, nothing shows in the TextArea. When i click on the second row. it says “Test 0” in the Textarea. But when I double click on the row. it displays what I intended it to display.

How do i have it where it displays my text on a single click, and display the right text.

On the ListBox(List_Items) cellclick i have

If List_Items.Selected(0) = True then
  TextArea1.text = "Test 0"
end if

If List_Items.Selected(1) = True then
  TextArea1.text = "Test 1"
end if

If List_Items.Selected(2) = True then
  TextArea1.text = "Test 2"
end if

If List_Items.Selected(3) = True then
  TextArea1.text = "Test 3"
end if

If List_Items.Selected(4) = True then
  TextArea1.text = "Test 4"
end if

on the open event on the window i have

Var MyList() as String


Var Item as String
for each item in MyList

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Move the code to the Change event handler for the list box.

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Yup, That did it. Thank you Justin!

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