Listbox CellClick in RETINA

In the CELLCLICK event of a Listbox, I need to determine the X,Y coordinates of the CELL that was clicked in order to over-lay another control.

It seems to work perfectly, but I have one user that indicates it places the overlay control off (usually below) the selected cell if the listbox is scrolled
The only thing I can determine that is DIFFERENT is he has a Retina Mac, and I do not

in the CellClick


I tried this using a scaled video driver which is supposed to emulate Retina, and everything still worked… but I don’t know if it truly reports itself that way to apps or not

I think the defaultrowheight is the issue here.

On my Retina machine, with Retina on or off, this code works properly: = (row-me.ScrollPosition) * me.RowHeight + +1

Thanks… I guess in a way that makes sense… DefaultRowHeight is what I am telling it should be (24 in this case)
where RowHeight is macOS telling Me what it really is