Listbox Cell Width?


I am trying to get the width of a cell in my listbox. I am searching and trying different things with no luck. Any advice would be appreciated. I wish there was a listbox.cellwidth :wink: My listbox is dynamic in terms of resizing also.

Thank you.

There is a WidthActual property via the Column. Page Not Found โ€” Xojo documentation

Bob thanks. I did see and try that earlier. I found that I could only set it vs. read it.

Dim Test as Integer =ListBox1.Column.WidthActual

The LR only shows examples of setting vs. reading.


I may have misread the example on the LR also. I will try this to see if it works.

Dim Test as Integer = Listbox1.column(0).WidthActual

Dude I hate when I canโ€™t read :slight_smile: This code works perfectly and is in plain english on the LR. :wink:

Dim Test as Integer = Listbox1.column(0).WidthActual

No worries. Iโ€™ve done that before too (more times than I care to admit). :slight_smile: