ListBox cell tooltip does not disappear

Since I moved to Windows 10, the tooltips are sticky.
They appear (not reliably) when the mouse gets over the cell but never disappear unless I move the window and move the mouse over the cell again.
Is this something seen by other people or do I have again a weird behaviour in my application?
Any idea on how to fix this will be welcome.
Else, I’ll have to move the tooltips in a contextual menu (which is also fine).

Are you talking about tooltip, or helpTag ?

I know Windows helptag tends to be sticky, and even to stay after the app has terminated. So I use ToolTip which I show in MouseEnter and hide in MouseExit.

In more recent apps, I have used my own canvas based tooltip to match the UWP one.

I had several reasons to move from helptag to tooltip.
You just have more control and they appear immediately, witch is more productive for the user.

Michel, could you share a picture of one ?

It seems that I am not the only one seeing this strange behavior.
As it is not usable anymore, I’ll use the tooltips or the contextual menus.
I’ll figure out what looks best.
Thanks for your support.

Here are the two tooltip styles :

Xojo/older Windows :

Windows 10/Metro :

Note that the font is not the same (Segoe UI and not System), text color is grey, text size is slightly bigger, and the new tooltip has a white background.

The difference in resolution also illustrates perfectly the advantages of HiDPI. My screen is at a scale of 175%. Note how crisper the Windows 10 tooltip is, as compared to the IDE which still does not support HiDPI.