ListBox: Cell string width ?

I want to get the width of a string in a Cell (ListBox).

So, I store in variables:
a. the ListBox Font Name
b. the ListBox Text Size

I create a special purpose Picture: MyPict = New Picture(0,0) then MyPict = New Picture(600,40)
I set its Graphics Font to a, Size to b (read above)

And, with:
CellWidth = MyPict.Graphics.StringWidth(CellString)

All I get is a shorter width !

Ah, I forgot (never type a text while you are in a hurry !): I use that to set the ListBox column width.

Am I doing something wrong ?

(real code is not handly, but instructions above are what I coded).

The space given to draw the string is less than the total column width… There are margins… Try adding at least 6 to the width you get.

Thank you Karen.

Do you recall when the change was made ? It certainly was in Xojo 'cause in a pre-Xojo project I do that [I do not look that code] and it worked fine.

BTW: I have to get an eye on the release notes.

It was always that way