Listbox Cell HelpTag timing

Something that I’ve never noticed before -

I have a single column listbox that has been resized to a width less than the normal contents of the cell. This results in the a help tag being displayed anytime my mouse is over a cell with content. I’ve never noticed this before. The issue now is that the list requires a double click for the next user action. Unfortunately, after the double click and page change, the help tag is still floating above the new page and doesn’t go away until you hover over another control that has a help tag attached.

Is there a way to set the help tag timeout or clear it?

You’ll have a (somewhat) better control using Tooltips . Note that, (like CellHelpTags) they won’t work on 64-bit compiled Apps.

Thanks, Marco - I just realized that this is similar to the “Pause” tooltip that pops up in the IDE when you debug an app and you leave your mouse in that are before the app starts. It hangs around floating on top of ALL apps until I select the XOJO IDE< move the mouse, and then reselect my app…