Listbox and iOS

Being new to Xojo and the world of iOS development, this question may seem basic, but I would appreciate some coaching. I have a DB app that I want to develop for iPad and the main view needs to display a multi-column list of results from an SQLite DB (will take up approx 60% of the screen). I found that the Listbox control is available when I have selected to develop a Desktop application, however, the Listbox control is not available when I select to develop an iOS application. Is there a way to get the Listbox control (or similiar) available within my iOS application project, or, is there an alternative approach I should be using to display a multi-column list of records from my DB? Appreciate any insight/suggestions.

I was starting to wonder about that. Will have to be creative. Thanks JP.

The next version of Xojo may very well offer a much better iOSTable if you are not too much in a hurry.

Otherwise right now you can do columns using a monospace font and iOSTableCellData.Image a bit like you would CellTextPaint or CellPaint in the Desktop ListBox.

Thats an understatement to say the least. :wink:

Enough :wink: