Listbox and international Keyboard problem

I changed the Apple (current OS) system keyboard from English(default) to Korean on a Listbox and the Keyboard changed back to English before I’d typed a key.
Verified it doesn’t happen on other Listboxes and only in Mac.
I don’t have anything in my code that could change a keyboard.
The only thing that is unique about this listbox is can only hold one character. However, that is only processed after receiving a character and after it receives an enter key.

What is the code that limits to one character ? Can you post it ?

Korean characters are using several bytes. Could be the issue.

I clarified actions.
Notes: I don’t have any mousedown or up in this listbox.
I change the “keyboard”.
I click with a mouse on a cell.
The “keyboard” changes before I type a key.
I did verify it doesn’t “act” on any further keys entered until after it has changed the keyboard.

How do you obtain that ? ListBox.ActiveCell.LimitText = 1 ?

The Cell is pictured small and the uhmm “Cell advance forward key” is a space. The same as to end a multiple entry key.
I double-checked and that one keydown isn’t hit either.

Sorry, you don’t make sense.

You should file a bug report with precise step by step instructions to reproduce the issue.
Don’t forget to join a small project showing the issue

Thanks. I hope I can reproduce this.

I did a very ultra small test ListBox and it worked normally. I have cleared my Mac cache. I built it on a PC.
Suggestions on producing a NOT workable project?
I have a lot of windows

Could be a fluke. I would start by replacing the listbox in my project, and see if the issue persists.

Problem solved. Apple updated the system today and the problem disappeared. Not changing anymore