Listbox and DoubleClick event

When adding a Doubleclick event to a listbox, it only is triggered when you double click on a cell.
So not on empty space in the listbox.

Is this a bug or a feature? Is it is a feature, how can we get a doubleclick action on the empty space?

What do you want to happen when empty space is double-clicked?

A lot and not relevant regarding the above question.:slight_smile:
I just want a double click to trigger an event when in an empty space. :slight_smile:

I use a subclassed Listbox with this method added that returns a Boolean. It was posted on the forums somewhere here a while back. Call this from the MouseUp event:

If Me.WasDoubleClick = True Then // do whatever you need to do End If

and here is the WasDoubleClick function:

[code]Dim doubleClickTime As Integer

#If TargetCocoa Then
doubleClickTime = 30
#ElseIf TargetWin32 Then
'Declare Function GetDoubleClickTime Lib “User32.DLL” As Integer
'doubleClickTime = GetDoubleClickTime / 1000 * 60
doubleClickTime = 30 ’ or use the Declare above if you want to use the DoubleClick time from system

If (Ticks - mLastClickTicks) <= doubleClickTime Then
Return True
End If

mLastClickTicks = Ticks[/code]

mLastClickTicks is a property added to the Subclassed ListBox.

Thank you Merv !