ListBox adjusted to row heights

In the spirit of our Code Challenge I was working on something that always annoyed me, the ListBox that does not automatically change its row height if the text becomes longer. Thus I created my first Custom control. Please tell me what you think about the control. There is probably a lot I could do more efficiently (or better coded), so do not hesitate to make suggestions.

(in the example, please set the header first. Of course I could add it to the Open Event, but I wanted to show the empty control and how to dynamically change it)

Things I might change in the future:

  • get rid of the having to add an array in AddRow (would like it to act just like the real ListBox.AddRow)
  • bit of extra speed
  • use styled/html text
  • add some more styling options
  • less sloppy coding (and right permissions for accessing all methods and properties)

You can download the code here:

Looks very nice. Will have a pplay with it tomorrow.