ListBox.AddRow causes program exit in Linux, not Windows

I will post this in FeedBack, but here also for those interested.
I have a ListBox (not visible) that resides on a TabPanel page. At a point in time I move it to an earlier page, using the PanelIndex property, and delete the page it was on. Later I re-create the last TabPanel page and move the ListBox back to it. It is still not visible. I then DeleteAllRows and add new rows to the ListBox, and finally make it visible. This all works perfectly in Windows, but not in Linux. In Linux, the AddRow statement makes the program end suddenly, with no error message. I have enclosed it in a Try-Catch block. Still no indication of any error.
Suggestions are welcome.

Okay. I tried this again, only changing one thing: I did not remove and then re-append the last TabPanel page. And now it works.
Anyone know another way to hide a TabPanel page?