List box grid lines not visible in Big Sur

I have compiled a 64 bit application using Xojo 2017 Release 2.1.
When I run that the application in a MacBook Air with M1 chip and Big Sur 11.3.1, I find that the horizontal and vertical grid lines in listbox control are missing.
Also GUI controls are not getting updated with the .Refresh method in a loop. It gets updated only after the loop ends.
Any pointers ?

For this one, there was a discussion recently:

I tried the following code inside a loop. But the progress bar gets updated the first time only. Where am I going wrong ?
pv = pv + 1
progress.Value = pv
#if TargetMachO then

Sorry, I don’t know - I would never do it that way and would professionally advise against the methods described in that thread.

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I don’t have any problems with refresh in Mojave, nor with thin-dotted in Listboxes.

I agree. Hope Xojo sets right the refresh method.