Lion: Auto Save

Has anyone gotten the Auto-Save or Versions feature introduced in Lion to work with a Xojo built app?

I have tried, but it requires subclassing NSDocument and I haven’t quite gotten that working yet… Once it does work however it’ll open up a whole world of goodness on the Mac.

I forgot to add that most of it can be accomplished with your own solution.

Auto Saving on a periodic timer, or when the window/app is deactivated or about to close.

Lion’s Resume: Christian added some extra functions for this, it does require adapting existing applications, but it’s more than doable.

Versions: Can be accomplished by taking a copy of the document, inside the document. For instance, most of our documents are actually document packages, with key data being written to a plist file. So whenever the user saves, we take a copy of the plist file and store it in a history location within the document package. Yes it’s nowhere near as elegant as the proper versions, but I just can’t get it to work correctly, I got some really funky results. I can get the “Time Machine, Versions” interface to popup, but it doesn’t display right and then screws up the window!