Linux Web Apps Won't Run @

I’ve been hosting web apps at since web support was first added.

It has been quite a while since I’ve deployed any new or updated apps. I recently attempted to deploy a new app compiled with Xojo 2015 R2.2 and it refuses to run on Hostgator, returning an error 500.

When I stepped back and compiled the new app with 2014 R3.2, it ran successfully. I’ve since tried compiling several working apps with 2015 R2.2 and they all cause the same error.

Has anyone run into this situation and, if so, found the magic answer to making apps compiled with 2015 R1.0 or later run @ Hostgator? If you’ve experienced the same situation at another hosting vendor, I’d like to hear about the solution there, too.

Thanks in advance.

With 2015r2 and above, you need to install libicu.

Thank you, Greg. Are there instructions of here to get that and how to install it?

What flavor of Linux?

Frankly, I have no idea. Cpanel just says “Linux”.

You’ll need to know. The commands are different for CentOS and Ubuntu. You might be able to get HostGator to install this for you. If so, what you need is the 32-bit libicu library.

I actually found it searching their support portal. They are running CentOS x86.

Ok. So you’ll need ssh access. At the command line:

sudo yum install libicu.i686

Thanks, Greg

Although I can remote in via ssh, I apparently don’t have the credentials to run the install. I’ve filed a support ticket asking Hostgator to install the library. Hopefully they will do so without any drama.

Just wanted to update this thread to bring closure.

It took me a week to get a reply from Their response was to tell me that the cannot or will not accommodate my need for the 32-bit library unless I upgrade to a VPS package at much greater cost than the one I have.

My solution has been much simpler than I thought: I’ve compiled my new apps for MacOS and deployed them on a personal server.

I used to recommend as a great provider. I no longer will. When my pre-paid service expires I’ll be moving elsewhere.

Shared hosting has several caveats for running web apps.
This is one.
A VPS is not an uncommon requirement for such a thing.

Presume you meant “several requirements.”

Hostgator doesn’t restrict running CGI apps, and they ran fine before 2015 R1 with the library requirement. If I wasn’t allowed to run CGI apps previously, I wouldn’t kick. But anyway I’ve found a solution; for older apps, I’ll simply keep compiling with v 2014 which creates apps that do run without the 32-bit library.

off … I swear I wrote “caveats” but … edited to fix that

ICU is a fairly new requirement - it helps us deal with locale aware functions (dates, strings, numbers, etc) much better across the board

Quick one please. How do we know that libicu still needs to be installed?