Linux version gets slower....

Has anyone else noticed this? I can work on my project in linux, but each time I cut and paste code, the programs slows a bit… after awhile, cutting and pasting no longer works unless I quite the program and restart it? Towards the end of the cycle, sometimes cutting and pasting using the mouse (right button, copy, right button paste) will work while the keyboard shortcuts will not work. And at this point, after copying, I have to wait about 10 seconds before the operation completes.

I see this as well. I find that using the menu Copy and Paste to be quicker than using the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V methodology.

Gary: Yes, same experiences.
Kevin: Thanks

Ok so, does anyone know if the linux version also starts to slow down when it is executed? I don’t have a licensed version of xojo yet, but am wondering if after the program is compiled and run if it begins to slow after a period of running? Any one know?

I haven’t ever run a Xojo application for days on end, but the compiled applications are screaming fast. I’m very satisfied with the speed of a compiled application, I just wish I knew what was holding back my IDE. :smiley:

Thanks Kevin… I wasn’t thinking days worth of running, just many a few hours. Just wanted to be sure.

I have customers reporting the same behaviour on my Mac apps. Most noticeable in Carbon builds.