Linux: Text File Busy

An issue that I haven’t seen since 2014, suddenly reappeared in Xojo. Attempting to run 64-bit apps on Debian 8 64-bit prompts the “-bash: ./chainserver: Text file busy” error. (chainserver is the name of the application) The application is not running, ownership & executable permissions are correct.

**Compile to 32-bit, upload, and it runs just fine. Can anyone else confirm this before reporting as a bug?

Is it a Console app or a Desktop/UI app?

Console lol…otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten a bash command line error :slight_smile:

I start my desktop apps from the terminal quite often. So not so obvious :P.

Check the resulting type as the system sees it:

file ./chainserver

Is it being reported properly as a ELF 64 bit? I see something similar if I build for Mac OS and try to run it on Linux.

It’s built for Linux. I merely swapped the 64 for 32 and will sacrifice for the moment :frowning: Funny thing is, an app I built the other day, 64-bit, starts and stops just fine. I’ve checked ldd for dependencies and everything. Only thing I can keep finding is applications that cause a seg fault when initializing… so it must be a linux memory address issue with 64 bit? Will test. The only difference between xojo libs included between the two apps is one has the crypto libs, one doesn’t. Perhaps the issue is in the crypto libs? Will test and get back :slight_smile:


lsof +D /directory/where/chainserver/is/

Just to be sure nothing has something open

So, I couldn’t find an issue with the Crypto library. Built a simple console app to run hashes, and it loaded fine. I did find that the bug exists when compiling the application on Windows ONLY. When I compiled the same application on my Mac, using the same version of Xojo, it uploaded and ran just fine. I checked FTP transfers on Windows to make sure the app was transferred in Binary mode, as I knew that was a common setting that gets reset everytime Filezilla updates :-)… The issue exists only on Windows… Mac seems to have no issue building the working application. The libraries are the same regardless of the platform it was built on, so I didn’t want to invest too much time into looking for the bug by comparing binaries… building on Mac fixed the issue. Will report this as a bug with the project :slight_smile: