linux run error with stylegrid

Hi all
I’ve compiled my app for windows (which runs fine) and linux.
When I try and run in linux on ubuntu 64 bit I get the following error relating to stylegrid. I’ve installed the ia32-libs by the way.
Any ideas? Cheers

Common/plugin.cpp: 5327
Failure Condition: 0
The application cannot continue because a needed file cannot be installed. /home/tom/Desktop/build/App/ undefined symbol: gdk_gc_set_rgb_fg_color

Hi Tom. You need to contact your plugin vendor.

Yes, what Rick A. said. The plugin author needs to update his Linux makefile and start linking against the gtk/gdk libraries. At one point this wasn’t necessary, so he got away with it by chance.

Ok thanks, I’ve contacted einhugur :slight_smile:

Well I’ve contacted them. Apparently it hasn’t worked with linux since 2012, and that is coming in the next few versions (why would they advertise it as linux compatible though :confused: ).