Linux newbie question

I am developing a web app data logger with the goal of deploying it on a small Linux appliance (alinx). All the development has been on Windows and as I am getting ready move it to linux, I put 2013R2.1 and 2013R2 on a Ubuntu machine along with my source. After working through a few problems with different paths, When I run the app in the debugger, the text in the buttons and popup menus is much larger than anywhere else. I haven’t created a standalone app yet (actually I did, but it can’t get it to launch), so I don’t know if this is going to be a problem or not. I have not applied styles to anything just leaving the default system font settings, This happens with Firefox and Chrome on both 2012R2.1 and 2013R2. I’m looking of suggestions as to how to approach this. I have deployed several apps as cgis on a Linux VPS without any problems and this is my first shot at a standalone app.

CGI v. Standalone should make no difference. I assume you’re looking at these in Firefox/Chrome on that Linux machine. It’s probably using a different default stylesheet than we see on Mac and Windows. So make styles for your controls. Use something like 16px as the font size. Lots of web designers will give you 100 reasons to always use em or % for font sizes, but nothing beat the px for precise control :-). “pt” is similar (12pt = 16px) but the math is a little less direct.