Linux IDE

I am running Linux Mint 64 bit, latest version of Xojo, 2018 r2. When I run the app to debug it, the debug window at the bottom of the screen is a solid gray and I am unable to view the errors…

It’s a bug: <> it looks like is fixed for next release.

o… ok… thank you Alberto.

Gary, I’ve found the following to work consistently:

Use Fedora 28 KDE install
Install gtk3-devel
Install the tar.gz package of Xojo 2018r2

This is something I’ve been working through for the last two days and was very happily surprised when the search/error/message pane displayed normally. I’ve seen similar results with CentOS, but I recommend Fedora since CentOS is more of a server platform than a desktop platform.

Thanks Tim,
But I have a lot of things running in my mint setup in my office… switching to Fedora would be pretty big hassle. I will try the gtk3 install though.

We are aware of this bug. It’s being fixed in 2018r3.

It’s Fixed! Thank you!

On a side note, why does the IDE style look different now?

That is fully dependent on your desktop environment and theme.

Really? Well, R3 looks different to R2 on the same OS. Never-mind, I’m just happy It’s usable now.

They did make some changes to make things like editor tabs look more consistent.

The appearance changes reflect the trend in modern OSs to be flatter than they were when the previous design was done, circa 2013.

Looks nice :slight_smile:

BTW @Daniel Wilson - make sure that you take notice of this conversation to help you keep your Linux apps sane across the mud-field that is Linux distros.