Linux GUI is awful! Help

Has anyone found a good way to coerce the Linux GUI so that it doesn’t look all clipped and crunched when cross-compiling from Mac or Windows?
I’m guessing I could write a tone of code to address this, but with a larger project this could be a monumental task.

any ideas?

Have you tried the Normalize Control Sizes option on the IDE, read the solutions available in the forum, the hints about GTK3 Themes in the UserGuide and or the modGtk3?

What specific problem have you encountered whith those?


Ivan, I NEVER even noticed that option before. I checked it and everything (EVERYTHING) is perfect!

Thank you so much!

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I have used the modGtk3 to great effect, a BIG thank you to whomever put that together. Could you please show me where to find this Normalize Control Sizes in the IDE? I have never seen it.

Thank you!

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When you choose Linux in the Build Settings

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Thank you!

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