Linux distribution/version Xojo compatibility?

Ok, I am probably posting this in the wrong place, if I am, I apologize :slight_smile:

I’m curious which linux distributions is currently supported by the actual xojo app itself. I am running Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon on my laptop that I’m writing this on, and it seems to work for the most part except for two things I’ve noticed:

  • If I open multiple projects, the interface slows down dramatically. I read about this happening in a previous version of Xojo, but not necessarily the current version (I’m using 2014r1)

  • The styles interface seems to be missing a button… see:

    If I click in the lower left corner of the darker gray area, the menu pops up like the button is there and responding, but it isn’t drawing itself. It gets worse as you attempt to add styles… As you add styles, the window gets filled with the info from the multiple styles, but doesn’t scroll correctly which makes it difficult to impossible to use. The picture below shows with: font type, text color and a border entry added into the style:

If a different version of linux would be more compatible, I can easily re-do my laptop.

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