Linux Build under 2017r3 fails Winking 32512 Linking Executable Errors

I have a project that has built fine on Linux for many years that is now being updated. If I load it into 2018r1.1, it builds. However, if I load it into 2017r3 (I need GTK-2 support), it fails with 12 errors:

Linking executable 32512

Does anyone know what this is indicative of? I’m using the latest Einhugur WindowSplitter and MBS 18r2 plugins.

Hi Tim,
Yes, I had this problem about six months ago. I found this:
Which didn’t completely solve it for me, but pointed me in the right direction.
It was “executible” permissions for a bunch of the Xojo resources files. I think I remember finding about five more than were mentined i the post above.

I hope this helps. If it doesn’t, tell me and I’ll try to remember what I did.

Don Jungk