Linux as Target still needs Finetuning

Tonight I’ve checked the Linux Platform as Target for my Apps. While they look great on both Mac and Win platforms, Linux still needs attention. Well known issues like the not working HTMLviewer, low-res printing and strange aligning and UI bugs are real showstoppers on Linux (I am using Ubuntu). And it’s kinda sad to make excessive use of compiler #if #then #else. I know you guys have had a hard time and you all made an excellent job in bringing Cocoa out of beta. But please don’t forget Linux.

Cocoa App in Mac OS X

Same App in Linux

I agree a 100%…
Its full of bugs and slow response on the UI… I’m growing very very frustrated here.
I keep getting errors about non existing objects that do exist. Code worked fine then suddenly after changing the popupmenu height there was no way I could get the build to accept the popupmenu as existing. I have doublechecked, triplechecked.

I used to love RS, but it is turning in to a nightmare with this new facelift… sorry it xoxs guys