Linux 2015r2.4 Crash IDE loading project


Has anyone seen a crash loading a project in xojo project format, not binary, that was originally saved on a Mac? I am getting the following assertion/error trying to open the project on the command line. Xojo never gets to a full project IDE editor.

Xojo: …/…/…/…/src/cairo-scaled-font.c:459: _cairo_scaled_glyph_page_destroy: Assertion `!scaled_font->cache_frozen’ failed.

Xojo will create/open a blank project just fine on the machine.

Thanks for any help!


have you any special items like a font etc dragged into the project ?
I’ve never encountered this

Font related for sure. Try:

sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

Hi Norman, Rick,

There are no special fonts in the project, nothing added, etc.
Debian doesn’t have an ttf-mscorefonts-installer package, is that a Ubuntu thing?

I have found all kinds of references to an issue in libcairo, patches from 2013, but nothing recently since they got closer to release on Jessie. I don’t do much with fonts on Linux so I am currently at a loss as to how to resolve it, none of the links I had found had a solution, just describing the problem, and the patch discussion

The last line in the first link talking about the patch indicates he added a lot of assertions to make sure it wasnt’ leaking anymore, and it seems a lot of folks are hitting them. Do you gents know if there is a replacement for Cairographics?

I am hoping someone else has run into this at some point and has an actual fix.

Thanks again!


OS Debian 8.2 64-bit
libcairo - 1.14.0-2.1


sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo apt-get install ttf-droid ttf-liberation

Restart system, retry and report behavior.