Linking Executable Error

I installed Xojo Version 2022 Release 4.1 yesterday. I worked with Realbasic some 10+ years ago and would like to return to the Xojo IDE.

When I try to run a completely empty project I get the cryptic error message “Linking Executable”. Without any further description or hint to what causes this problem.

The problem may be that I am using an iMac Late 2009 (…) with 8GB RAM and 512 GG SSD that is patched with the DosDude tool to (perfectly and smoothly!) run MacOS 10.15.7 Catalina.

I also installed Xcode 12.4 (i.e. the latest Xcode version for Catalina), which runs slow but also smoothly.

Anybody’s help would be greatly appreciated!

Got the same error even with 2023 r1.1.

Did you find a solution for this?

It would be helpful to know more about your computer.

Mine is a mid 2010 Mac mini with Catalina 10.15.6

I’m able to compile for windows and Linux but not for Mac.

Compiling for windows & Linux, are you building 32 or 64 bit apps?

I need for mac.

So win and linux was only a test.

Anyway it was 64

For Mac I tested without success all the possibilities : x86 64 bit, arm and universal

I’ve sometimes seen issues like this when there was a problem with the application name. Have you tried changing it to something straightforward?

I understand, but the machine you’re working on does not “officially support” macOS > 10.13 and I was concerned that there may be some hardware or chip component missing which the LLVM compiler in Xojo requires to run. Compiling as 32-bit for Windows and/or Linux would have used the older compiler which has much smaller requirements. LLVM is required for any of the builds you might do for macOS today.

Copied but always compiled to 64bit for every platform.
In any case, understood that some incompatibilities could exists. It is interesting to understand which they are.