Link to Library folders changed in recent version

I recently renewed my XOJO licence and now I’m having problems with the latest versions.
Before I could deploy several exe files to the same folder and allow them to share the library folders. This saved extra baggage and duplication in my setup file. If an app needed anything special I added it to the single library folder before distribution.
For example:
mycompany Libs

Now I can’t. Building an application means that the library folder (and new resources folder) still have the same name as the exe as before but before I could change the name of the exe and it would still work. Now the exe doesn’t run.
Is there a way around this or do I have to distribute several sets of identical folders?

You can still share a libs folder. As long as they’re all built with the same version of Xojo, just rename “mycompany Libs” to “Libs”.

Thanks Travis, such a simple solution.
Works a treat for both Libs and Resources folder.