Link preview on FB

When I share my app on FB it gets an horrible preview, it says “browser not supported”.
People will think it’s something weird and won’t click the link .

Any way to make it a bit more charming ?


Ciao Horacio,
you should prepare a simple html page( I suggest with the right Open graph tags, and any image embedded as base64 src)

then in the Session AllowUnsupportedBrowser event
set errorMessage to the source of this page,
set sendAsHTML to True
and return False

It’s better to test this before going live since FB preview are uncomfortable to update.
To test use your browser and set a custom user agent like the FB one :“facebookexternalhit/1.1” or “Facebot”

Ciao Antonio,

I’m opting for a shortcut. Just replacing the message “unsupported browser” that appears on the FB preview would be enough.
How do I change it ? Thanks.

The solution is the same

In the Session AllowUnsupportedBrowser event reply with your page, written as string in error page.

I don’t understand.
Could you provide the code in the allowunupporotedbrowser event as an example ? thanks

SendAsHTML=true ErrorMessage="<html><head><title>my title</title></head><body>my <b>message</b></body></html>" Return false

Thanks Antonio !!! Very appreciated.
Grazie 1000 e buon fine settimana